Illusive Ilam


Took this photo while walking towards the Ilam view tower on the top of the hill. I was waiting for the fog to cover the whole hill while it just blew over the top. To be inside the chilly fog while exploring Ilam was one of the best feelings of the school trip. The staircase to the top seems to make the landscape even more appealing with the yellow paint over its railings.

Though the fog didn’t let us get the proper view of Ilam bazar, the very same fog did create a breathtaking feeling for us to get lost into. East never ceases to amaze me!


Purweli Portraits

I had never been to the Eastern Part of Nepal ever in my life. Having been there for the first time, that too with a bunch of misfits of a friends from school was one heck of an experience. From the foggy Ilam to Muddy Hiley, Taplejung and the hot Itahari, the trip did help all the students from the Media Studies Department (Kathmandu University) to socialise and get to know each other.

The annual school trip has always been the event where everyone gets to know one other and this year was not different from the past. From the enthusiastic first years, barely present second years, reckless third years and lastly the relaxing fourth years, all the groups of students seemed to have enjoyed the trip to the fullest while also learning about the local elections which was about to be held in few weeks.

Terrific Taplejung

Taplejung Nepal
Terrific Taplejung

A gem in the eastern part of Nepal, Taplejung district is famous for it’s proximity around Mount Kanchanjanga, the third tallest peak in the world and other terrific spots like Pathibhara and the elongated stretch of Phungling bazar.

Also known for the cash crop of Aiselu ( I have know idea what it is called in English). the district produces over 4 tonnes of the herb in a year. One shouldn’t miss out on the local Mustange alcohol (trust me it is goood) when visiting Phungling bazar.