Brilliant Bremen


Bremen, a small and beautiful city in the Northern Germany. Taken during our trip to Bremen last year, we got to visit few of Bremen’s landmark. Our visit to Radio Bremen was quite productive as we got to get hands on experience on how a major media house works in Germany. I’d definitely want to visit the city sometime later in my life.


Buildings may fall but faith will not

It’s wonderful how a stroll in the evening can make something out of nothing. In the same way, walking with Hem today, reminded me of our old days when we used to spend hours clicking pictures around Basantapur and still it wasn’t enough for us.

The destruction brought by the massive quake on 25th of April will have an everlasting memory to people like me, who used to get lost while staring at the ancient structures, landmarks, temples and palaces to name a few. Seeing them brought down into rubbles has made me realise that nothing will last for real. Though many houses and such landmarks had fallen, it is quite amazing to see the amount of resilience and faith in people despite of the disaster they faced just over a month ago.

I took this picture earlier in the evening today and made me realize faith is something that we will always have, it will last regardless of our own existential crisis.

Kaal Bhairab