Brilliant Bremen


Bremen, a small and beautiful city in the Northern Germany. Taken during our trip to Bremen last year, we got to visit few of Bremen’s landmark. Our visit to Radio Bremen was quite productive as we got to get hands on experience on how a major media house works in Germany. I’d definitely want to visit the city sometime later in my life.



This image was taken for a profile shoot for MSNG (Media School Nepal Germany) in Kathmandu University School of Arts. Lena, who has been a very close and wonderful friend ever since we met in Wilhelmshaven last summer, wanted to do something new with the murals in my school. Surprisingly, it was the shortest of all the profile shoots, which only took about 10-15 seconds. Perfectly aligned and positioned with the mural, this particular image surprised us big time!

The View of Peace

View of Peace by Nischhal Pradhan

The view of peace is enjoyable to watch.

Tattooed Beauty

tattoed beauty by nischhal pradhan
Tattooed Beauty

Behold, the beauty within me cries from the inside for the humans do not admire the inner beauty in me.