while I move on by nischhal pradhan


This photograph was taken at Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Lumbini, located at the plains of Terai in Nepal, is one of the main attractions for tourists intrigued with Buddha and Buddhism. It is also one of the biggest pilgrimage site for the followers of Buddhism.



Neither a taboo nor a belief can stop me from being who I am.

taboo and belief nischhal pradhan barsha nakarmi patan

Tattoo in various cultures, is still considered as a taboo. With the background of the Patan Durbar Taleju Temple and a tattooed girl in the foreground, I somewhat saw the blend of a taboo with culture.

Modelled by a very good friend of mine Barsha Nakarmi

The flight of freedom

उद्छन ति चरी वरिपरि, मनपरी

उडू जस्तै लग्छ तिनी जस्तै सधैँ भरि

मन मा प्रश्न उठ्छन अनगिन्ति नानाथरि

दिन मै सपनी देख्छु हिजो आज आखाँ भरि

उडू जस्तै लग्छ तिनी जस्तै सधैँ भरि

द्छन ति चरी वरिपरि, मनपरी – Caption by Rajju Dangol

the flight of freedom nischhal pradhan